At Red Lane we believe that homework is an essential part of a child’s education in order to allow them to extend their learning beyond the classroom whilst developing a sense of responsibility for their own learning. By consolidating the learning taken place within the classroom we encourage pupils to develop the confidence and self-discipline needed to study on their own, whilst developing an effective partnership between the school and parents and other carers in pursuing the aims of the school and working together to support our children in reaching their full potential.


The purpose of homework changes, as the children get older, for instance many of the activities undertaken in Early Years and Key Stage One may not be referred to as homework. This makes them no less valuable and it is important that you as parents are aware of the role these activities play in developing your child’s learning. As pupils get older homework provides an opportunity for them to develop the skills of independent learning. This should increasingly become its main purpose.


Parents are encouraged to support and help their children with the completion of homework as and when necessary. However, we also recognise that in order to encourage independence, we need to see what children can do on their own. As such we encourage parents to communicate with class teachers if their child has struggled and received additional support when consolidating learning. This can be through the child’s Reading Record or Homework diary, verbally, in writing through a brief letter/note to the class, or by indicating on the child’s homework. In this way the teacher can follow this up in class. Children will also have the opportunity to complete homework during ‘Homework club.’ At Red Lane we do recognise that not all parents will be able to support their children with their homework. This may be especially true for older pupils. Homework club will again offer an opportunity for pupils to gain extra support and the time required to complete homework.


Parents are informed of homework expectations and their role in supporting the school and their child during our ‘Meet the Teacher’ evenings delivered at the beginning of the new school year and through the school newsletter at the beginning of each term.


Please download our policy for further details.