At Red Lane Primary School we strive to provide a caring environment where all aspects of learning are viewed enthusiastically. We believe that all our staff, supported by families, parents and carers,are responsible for creating a happy, welcoming and secure school. Our ethos is to create a happy, relaxed and stimulating atmosphere in which each child can develop positive and co-operative relationships as well as building an understanding and respect for all people and cultures. Red Lane Primary is an inclusive school that focuses on the needs of each child, where we believe in encouraging achievement and success in all children. All staff here are enthusiastic and dedicated in ensuring that Red Lane offers the best in education. Each person treats all pupils as unique, special and valued members of our school.


To learn more about the National Curriculum and levels of achievement please click on the following link:-

National Curriculum and Levels of Achievement


The Department for Education Performance Tables provide detailed analysis of our results:-

Red Lane Performance Table


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Performance Tables