At lunchtime, children are cared for by our team of Lunchtime Organisers.
The majority of children thoroughly enjoy having their mid-day meal together at school.
At Red Lane School, we pride ourselves that the children can have an excellent cooked meal at a very reasonable cost and our school has recently gained the Healthy Schools Award.

Arrangements for supervision of children wishing to bring packed meals are just the same as for cooked meals, except for reasons of safety we do not allow food or drinks to be brought in glass containers. Please, also think carefully of what you put in the lunch box, bearing in mind warm storage conditions within school!
If you think your child may be eligible for free school meals (that is if you receive Income Support), please enquire, in confidence, at the school office.
Activities are provided each day by the Lunchtime Organisers, and every child can choose which activities to take part in each day.


Free School Meals

Have you checked if your child could qualify for a free school meal?

A healthy balanced lunch has been demonstrated to improve pupils’ concentration, attention, energy levels and academic performance as a result, and as such improve the overall results obtained by pupils.

Bolton Council has a duty to provide free schools meals, which comply with national nutritional standards, to eligible pupils.
Your child may be eligible for free schools meals if you or your partner receives one of the following:
Income Support
Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
Child Tax Credit and not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income, as assessed by the HM Revenues and Customs, that from 6 April 2010 does not exceed £16,190
Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

To apply, simply ring your Local Area Education Office on 01204 331590 with details of your name, date of birth and National Insurance number and an immediate on-line decision can be given.
You need to provide an up to date document showing that you are getting one of the above benefits or support.

You do not need to make a separate claim for free school meals if you are already in receipt or have applied for Housing Benefit / Council Tax Benefit. The information used and evidence you have already provided will confirm your entitlement to free school meals.

Housing Benefits
Bolton Council
P.O. Box 4
You will receive a letter if you are entitled. A copy of this letter is required at school to access the free dinners.
The school will receive access to additional funding if you apply for Free School Meals, even if you then choose to send a packed lunch.