School and Class Organisation

Our classes are organised as follows:-

Foundation Stage


52 places in the morning and 52 places in the afternoon. Each session runs for 3 hours and can be flexible depending upon the needs of the pupils and their parents. Pupils can stay for lunch and have extra sessions in addition to their 15 hours entitlement, which are payable.

Reception Classes

2 x Reception classes

Key Stage 1:

Year 1, Year 2

Key Stage 2:

Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Please note: There are 2 classes per each year group

The three Key Stages ensure that the staff of each part of school work together in the best interests of the children, with their progress, their needs and the environment in which the children work all being paramount.

Each group of teachers and support staff within the three Key Stages spend much time, outside normal teaching time, discussing the work and development of the children, so that the school ensures a consensus in the ways that the staff teach, and in the expectations we have of your child.

For further information on our school day, please see under PARENTS.