"Pupils enjoys trips to places such as to museums and listening to visitors in assemblies. They help to make them learn better about topics covered in lessons. OFSTED"
Learning & Development


As a fundamental part of our commitment and vision to develop successful future citizens, our school curriculum is embedded with a number of enrichment opportunities for pupils. These opportunities are vital in developing a wide range of new skills, providing new opportunities and experiences for pupils and for discovering talents through access to activities that may be inaccessible for some pupils.

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils will take part in various projects which complement their in class studies and develop key knowledge, life skills and social responsibilities. One example of this is that each year group completes and Eco project which focus on a different theme such as reducing the use of plastic, litter in the local environment or conserving water.

Pupils also take part in new activities or experiences for example the Year 4 rambling enrichment provides opportunities to connect with the outdoors through a series of visits to embrace experiences such as waking in a forest, climbing a hill and visiting a reservoir. Specialist sports and dance coaches provide expert tuition for pupils in sports and styles of dance which are additional to the curriculum studied in class and a wellbeing therapist supports pupils with mindfulness and relaxation.

The value of our enrichment programme was recognised by OfSTED (2019) who noted ‘Leaders provide an exciting range of experiences and opportunities for pupils, including for those who are disadvantaged. For example, a variety of clubs and activities, from the scientific to the creative, are included in the enrichment activities that are offered each week. Pupils spoke enthusiastically about yoga, cooking and woodwork clubs.


After school clubs and activities

As well as our programme of enrichment which runs within the school day, the school provides pupils with the opportunity to take part in a wide range of after school clubs. Clubs vary throughout the year and are offered on a half termly basis in order that we can maximise the numbers of pupils who are able to take part.


 Overview of extra-curricular clubs