"Pupils enjoys trips to places such as to museums and listening to visitors in assemblies. They help to make them learn better about topics covered in lessons. OFSTED"
Learning & Development


At Red Lane, we recognise the fascination and excitement that the subject of Mathematics has to offer.  We believe that Mathematics is a subject to practically experience, not simply learn, and we engage children in the subject by mathematical concepts within their own daily life contexts.  We aim to develop a passion for Mathematics, so that pupils are motivated to use their knowledge to make changes to the world and society they live in.

We believe that all pupils can achieve excellence in mathematics and so we deliver the requirements of the National Curriculum through our teaching for mastery approach.  This way of teaching mathematics means that our teachers design lessons in a coherent and well organised way to make the learning inclusive and accessible to all.  Time is valued and so fewer topics are taught in greater depth. Every child is individual and has their own creative way of thinking. We value and encourage reasoning and justification as mathematical structures are discovered, allowing pupils the chance to practice use of precise vocabulary to explain their thoughts.  We help our pupils see the mathematical structures through our concrete, pictorial and abstract approach.  As children develop in confidence, we encourage pupils to think flexibly to develop new and innovative ways to solve problems, drawing on their experiences from not just the Mathematics curriculum, but from personal and wider cross-curricular experiences.

At Red Lane, we value quick recall of basic facts so as not to overload the working memory.  Time is dedicated to learning key facts, meaning pupils can work more efficiently when working on challenging activities that deepen understanding. The language of mathematics is international and its importance is universally recognised. In our schools, our pupils learn technical vocabulary early as we value a common language when engaging in discussion and reflection of mathematics concepts.

If you would like to find out more about the teaching of Maths in our school, please see the following policies:

Our curriculum overviews provide information about which subjects are taught within the curriculum at different parts of the year. These can be viewed below:

At Red Lane we use a number of online resources to support the teaching of Maths and to also support parents and pupils with learning at home. Below you will find links to some of our top resources and useful information.

Our work with external Maths providers


Red Lane Primary works closely with Turing North West, our local Maths Hub.  The Maths Lead and other teachers attend work groups, with the aim of improving their subject knowledge and teaching practice.  Some of the work groups that staff have attended include:

  • Sustaining Teaching for Mastery Programme
  • Subject Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics Programme (Early Years)
  • Subject Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics Programme (ECTs)
  • Mastering Number KS1 training
  • Mastering Number KS2 training




Mrs Behan is a trained Mastery Specialist who has achieved a Professional Development Accreditation.  As part of this work, Mrs Behan supports Maths Leaders from other schools to improve pupil outcomes.  Red Lane regularly hosts other teachers who will come and observe a live lesson in action.  Following the lesson, the teachers discuss how the decisions the teacher made impacted on pupil learning.  The aim is to share ideas to improve teaching to have the maximum impact on pupil outcomes.  Mrs Behan receives regular training from the NCETM and is currently working towards her School Development Lead accreditation.


White Rose Maths

Mr Nicholson gained the school’s accreditation as a White Rose Maths CPD Host School.  This means that Mr Nicholson can host and deliver White Rose Maths Hub workshops for other teachers to attend.

1st Class@Number

Mrs Humphries is a trained 1st Class@Number practitioner who can deliver the Edge Hill University intervention programme to Year 2 pupils.