"Pupils enjoys trips to places such as to museums and listening to visitors in assemblies. They help to make them learn better about topics covered in lessons. OFSTED"
Our School

Meet The Staff


Mrs L Whittaker – Executive Headteacher

Mrs R Driver – Head of School 

Mrs J Cromey – Deputy Head of School

Mrs S Gregory – Assistant Head of School, EYFS & KS1 SENCO

Mr L Nicholson - Assistant Head of School

Mr R Hudson - Assistant Head of School 


Nursery – Miss F Preston 

Reception – Mrs J Johnson & Miss V Marshall (EYFS Lead)

Year 1 – Mrs M Broadhurst & Miss B Spencer

Year 2 – Mrs R Westwell, Mrs E Fisher & Miss A Mellor

Year 3 -  Mrs K Barratt & Miss G Yapp (SENCO)

Year 4 – Mr I Simmons & Miss M Cross

Year 5 – Miss M Taylor, Miss B Murray & Miss L Simpson 

Year 6 – Mr L Nicholson, Mr R  Hudson & Mrs L Healey

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Williams – HLTA

Mrs G Smith – HLTA

Mrs S Spilsbury – HLTA

Under Threes- Mrs J Band, Mrs A Jones, Miss K Gahan, Miss V Conchie

Nursery – Mrs G Leigh, Mrs C Humphries, Mrs A Stonehewer, Mrs R Rosser

Reception – Mr C Fothergill & Miss C Hardman

Year 1 – Mrs Z Garland & Miss Z McArdle

Year 2 – Mrs A Longworth, Mrs M Dawson & Mrs M Greenall

Year 3 – Mrs Holland & Mrs J Ebrahim

Year 4 – Mr D Taylor & Mrs K Walmsley

Year 5 – Mrs S Foster, Mr A Nicholson & Mrs V Entwistle

Year 6 – Miss V Griffiths, Mrs Williams & Mrs C Hurst

Mrs N Thompson – interventions

Mrs H Durrington – interventions

Miss L Crossley – interventions

Mrs G Stanworth – interventions

Safeguarding and Attendance

Mrs H Browne – Designated Safeguarding Lead & Attendance Lead

Mrs S Barlow - Designated Safeguarding Lead & Attendance Officer