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The Hub

The Hub

At Red Lane we are absolutely committed to developing pupils’ character and social development and for a number of pupils supporting additional social, emotional and behavioural needs. The Hub is central in this work in supporting to pupils to not only access but thrive in education.  The Hub is a dedicated space in school that has been carefully planned and equipped to provide high quality social and emotional provision in school. It is staffed by a specialist behaviour support worker who plans, prepares and delivers programmes of work in consultation with the Inclusion team and the curriculum leader.

How it works

The Hub provides a universal offer to all KS2 pupils in which they undertake programmes of study on themes such as resilience, growth mindset and peer coaching. In small groups, pupils complete one unit of work per year out of the Hub’s Successful Lives programme. These sessions take place in the Hub itself.

In addition to the universal offer, the Hub provides targeted support for pupils who have additional social, emotional or behavioural needs. These pupils are targeted for additional support through our inclusion pathway and access the Hub for targeted interventions. These interventions follow a number of topics such as anger management, self-esteem, building relationships and managing emotions. These interventions may run alongside or may form a step up or step down approach from other provisions in school such as in class support, our dedicated well-being therapist or the school counsellor. The Hub also supports pupils with social interaction and collaboration at both break and lunch times.


The Inclusion Team and accessing targeted intervention

Targeted support in the Hub is determined by our Inclusion team. The team is an in school multi-disciplinary group made of up the school SENCOs, the behaviour lead, the wellbeing lead, the attendance officer and the designated safeguarding lead. 

All referrals to the Hub are reviews by the Inclusion team. This review includes an evaluation of support and provision already in place and may also take the form of some social and emotional assessment. The Inclusion team will then formulate a plan of action which may include referral to the Hub or may direct support into classrooms. This plan is regularly reviewed. In some cases following in school intervention from the Hub, pupils will be referred to additional services such as the wellbeing therapist, school counsellor or Behaviour Support Service.


Centre of Excellence

Red Lane Primary is proud to be an Inclusion Quality Mark Centre of Excellence. This award recognises the extensive support offered to all pupils and in particular those with additional needs. Our work supports pupils to successful access a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our most recent re-assessment noted:


  • 'It was an absolute pleasure to able to spend time at Red Lane Primary School again; it is clear there is a whole school commitment to inclusive practice at this school. Every decision and initiative are based on the needs of their pupils in the current context. There is a true sense of community and support among the staff and pupils. The IQM Lead is passionate about driving forward the inclusion agenda at Red Lane and he is supported in doing so by a proactive leadership and staff team.'
  • 'Red Lane’s commitment to offering high-quality provision for pupils’ Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) ensures that they can learn in a supportive and nurturing community where they feel safe and valued. This, alongside a well-planned and continually evolving curriculum, drives their ‘holistic’ approach to pupil development. At Red Lane they strive to ensure that their children can ‘Believe, Achieve and Succeed’ not only during their time at the school but as they continue throughout their education and in preparation for adulthood.'

Our IQM report