Introduction to Nursery

Our nursery can accommodate children in a variety of ways: part time morning and part time afternoon, plus childcare. We can admit 104 children part time or different combinations of full and part time places. Children enter Nursery after their third birthday. Applications may be made for a place when a child is two. Application forms are available from the School Office – click here to email us.


At Red Lane we offer ‘childcare’ provision as well as traditional ‘educative’ care. We offer all eligible children their free LA funded part time place. However, parents who wish for their children at attend nursery on a full time basis can pay for an additional place.


We also offer ‘extra childcare’ between 11.45am and 12.30pm. Charges are applicable and a school lunch can be ordered (charges in line with school dinners).


Nursery Times

Morning Session: 08.45am – 11.45am

Lunchtime Childcare: 11.45am – 12.30pm

Afternoon session: 12.30pm – 15.30pm

We now offer placements for under 3’s between 08.45am to 11.45am or 12.30pm to 3.30pm. Please contact us for more information.