Principle of School and Class Council

Children must be listened to and their views and feelings acted on.


  • Listening to and respecting a child’s views increases self-confidence, which enables effective learning.
  • Children are key stakeholders and need to be consulted about the services provided to them.
  • Children are citizens.

All children need to be supported in actively and equally participating in school life.

  • Children can be a powerful source of support for each other.
  • Positive pupil participation develops social, emotional and behavioural skills and improves relationships, attendance and achievement.

What does pupil participation mean?

Opportunities for children to:

  • Become more active participants in their education, including planning and evaluating their own learning.
  • Participate in creating, building and improving services.
  • Make a difference in their schools, neighbourhood and communities.
  • Learn from an early age to balance their rights as individuals with their responsibility to others.
  • Develop skills for adult life.

(Ref) Working together: giving children and young people a say (DFES 2004)

2018-2019 School Councillors

Head Boy- Ben Holmes                    Head Girl- Jennifer Ekiugbo

6RH- Annie-Rose Parker                     6LH- Malikah Nasir                               6N- Fally Kiraba

5B- Ruby Robinson                               5S- Lucas Kenner

4BM- Destiny-May Derbyshire          4VM- Ruby-Mae Wilson

3B- Riley Thomasson                           3M- Finlay Stokes

2B- Logan Tully                                     2C- Maisie Hayman